Christmas wish list… updated

Here is my Christmas wish list… COMPLETE!

1.  Read Christmas books by the fire with M and M.  Ohhh there were so many Christmas  books!!!  We read our favorites for the first two weeks and then traded with my sister and read theirs for two weeks.

2.  Catch up on my Christmas Scrapbook.  (Just one year to go!)  I did it… but it will not be the year I brag about.  If my PLAN goes off without a hitch, my sis and I will spend one whole day scrap booking in January so that next year Christmas 2011 will be finished already!

3.  Drink lots of homemade Hot Cocoa.  YUMMMMMMY!!!

4.  Watch It’s A Wonderful Life at least once.  Lucky me.  My Grandma recieved the DVD for Christmas so we watched it Christmas morning… and yes I cried even though I could quote every line word for word.

5.  Snuggle with my Little M while she still fits in my lap.  Little M and I snuggled, and snuggled and snuggled.  It’s a good thing too, I think she grew an inch in December!

6.  Make myself a scarf out of old tees.  LOVE IT!!! (Went with this scarf.)

7.  Listen to Big M read.  Well not as much as I had hoped, but I did watch build and build and build…

8.  Hold my Hubby’s hand.  His one week off started Christmas Eve… there will be even more hand holding. 😉

9.  Write my dear friend Lacy a handwritten letter.  (It’s way overdue.)  Lacy should have already received her letter.  I think I should add writing to her to my New Years resolutions.

10.  Gingerbread Man Hunt.  We saved it for Christmas Eve with my sisters kids.  It was SOOOOO much fun!

11.  Wear slippers as often as possible.  Um… yes!!!

12.  Day dream about what 2012 holds for us.  I actually did a lot of driving by myself… it was the perfect time for day dreaming.

13.  Take a quick RELAXING trip with my Mom.   ahhhhh…. and it was relaxing!

14.  Watch Little M dance to Sugar Plum Fairies (wishing it wasn’t the Jingle Cats version!)  I can’t believe it but I avoided the Jingle Cats version completely!  I did however watch Little M twirl and leap around the house on more than one occasion!

15.  Drive around and look at lights.  Probably my favorite Christmas tradition, we did this A LOT!

16.  Wake up before everyone, turn on the lights and enjoy the quiet.  Hmmmm… I guess I managed to find some quiet time once or twice! 😉

17.  SHOP!  Check!

18.  Finish reading The Lion, Witch and The Wardore, then plan a fun movie night.  What an awesome book and movie.  See the book activities that followed.

19.  Listen to Alabama Christmas over and over.  “You always come around this time of year, with your big old bag full of Christmas cheer. . .”

20.  Bake Christmas sugar cookies with M and M.  Grandma took care of the baking, but I did sit close by.  I think watching counts!

21.  Finish the Christmas stockings I made 6 years ago.  (The lining is not attached… silly me.)  Ah man!  I didn’t get them sewn… Maybe I’ll let Little M help me on the sewing machine Santa gave her.

22.  Go on a date with my Hubby (kid free).  Yes, yes, yes!!  Dinner was yummy but the company is what made the night!

23.  Spend some quality time with my Nieces.  I sure do love those girls!

24.  Get lost on Pinterest.  Probably a little more than I needed to.  Will I be able to stop now?  UGH!  I may need to force myself not to even look. 😉

25.  Remember that none of these said anything about stressing, cleaning, or overdoing!!!  I  am actually very proud of the way I managed to CHILL OUT this year.  I am keeping this list in mind for the New Year.

What did you check off of your Christmas wish list?

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