5 Tips for Moving with Kids

In a little less then a month we will be moving. Our new house will be walking distance from where we’re living now, the kids will go the same school and none of their special activities will be changing. As far as moving with kids goes, this will be a pretty easy move. Of course you know me, I like to plan ahead and make sure every base is covered.

The biggest change for M and M is that they will no longer be sharing a room. Wait, that’s not how they say it. “WE GET OUR OWN ROOM!” Yeah, they’re pretty excited. It’s a sad time for me though, I know how much quiet talking they do just before they drift off and how safe they feel together. I know it’s time, so we’re celebrating the great things about having their own space. I’m pretty sure we can still make rest time a joint event which will make sure they still have a chance for quiet conversations.

I’ve been on the look out for moving with kids advice and found some great stuff! I would love for you to add your advice in as well. Keep in mind that some families reading this may be making bigger changes than we are, so add anything you think will be helpful.

Great tips for moving with kids

Tips for Moving with Kids

  • Books About Moving. Stir the Wonder has a great list of Books About Moving. She shares 9 picture books for kids about moving and 1 parenting book for handling the transition of moving with kids.
  • Moving Checklists. I love these check lists. They cover everything! Month before breakdown from I Heart NaptimeFamily’s first night checklist from House Mix Blog, change of address checklist from Home Talk and moving with a pet checklist from Apartment Search. The only think I had a hard time finding was a moving checklist for kids. I guess I better come up with my own!
  • Comforting Kids Before and During The Move. Creative Connections for Kids brought together a list of ideas for making the moving transition easier on the kids I love that the advice comes from so many different Moms with such different situations.
  • Set up the Beds First. This was a theme that ran through all of the moving posts I’ve read. There are a couple different reasons for it. Having a familiar and comfortable space to sleep will help the kids adjust quickly to their new room. Also, everyone will be tired and worn out (with a lot of work still ahead) doesn’t a good night sleep in your own bed just seem like a good idea?
  • Have some fun. We are getting the keys during the week, but plan to do the actual moving in on the weekend. Our plan is to grab dinner after baseball practice and have a little picnic on the floor of our empty house. This will give Hubby and I a good look at what we have to work with on moving day. It will also let the kids feel like part of the moving process even though they won’t be there for most of moving day.

Okay your turn… leave your advice for moving with kids in the comment section. 


  1. It’s a good idea to let the kids come get a look at and explore the new house before they move too. It allows them to get used to the idea of moving as well as adding some adventure and taking away some of the unknown factor. Thanks for sharing!

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