3 Fun ways to Keep Kids Happy While Driving

This summer my sister and I have taken quite a few day trips. We tried a new museum and went to the zoo a couple of times. For our last big adventure this summer we’re headed to the beach. Recently, Chevy loaned me a Chevy Traverse. (How awesome is my job?!?!) Our LTZ model had seating for 7, making the Chevy Traverse the perfect way to get me, my sister and all 5 of our kids to the beach. (8 seats are standard on the LS and 1LT models, and available on the 2LT.) And because it’s the best-in-class for cargo room, there will be plenty of space for all of our beach stuff! 3 ways to keep kids happy in the car (i love #2)

3 Fun Ways to Keep Kids Happy While Driving

  • Play Car Games – There are so many different types of car games. I’m sure you remember a few from when you were a kid. We’ve been playing the “Packing Up and Bringing Along a… ” game quite a bit recently.  Since we are taking the Chevy Traverse to the beach I’m planning to try out a new version. “We’re Packing Up the Chevy Traverse and I’m Bringing Along a…” The first person says the line followed by one item. The second person says the line followed by the first item and then adds their own. It keeps going as long as everyone can remember all of the items. Even though we are a pretty competitive family (and love games) the last thing we want is to eliminate a player for the game. We give clues to help someone who gets stuck remembering an answer. Also keeping the game in alphabetical order helps with remembering. The first person’s items starts with the letter A, the second person’s item starts with the letter B and so on.
  • Listen to an Audio Book – There are two different ways we listen to audio books. On these summer trips, my sister and I want to talk to each other. Turning an audio book on in the back keeps the kids happy and entertained while giving us a chance to chat. When it’s just me and the kids in the car, audio books are a great way for us to connect. We listen together and I’ll pause it once in a while to ask questions. We’ll make predictions and try to relate the story to our lives.
  • Pack Snacks – It doesn’t matter what time the drive takes place or how far we’re going. Someone will be hungry. (Okay it’s usually me. 😉 ) We pack individual snack bags and granola bars to hand out on the way there. For our summer trips my sister and I have a little tradition. We stop for ice cream cones to break the drive up a bit. The kids look forward to it… and so do we!

See the Chevy Traverse in Action

Along with driving this super fun car, we were also invited to create a video. Talk about a fun experience. I think you are going to enjoy watching it just as much as we enjoyed participating!


 I’m so glad we get the opportunity to try out the Chevy Traverse. Its NHTSA 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score for safety*, the rich and refined interior, and incredible space options make the Chevy Traverse the perfect car for our busy family. Now it’s your turn… how do you keep the kids happy while driving?  *Government 5-Star Safety Ratings are part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA’s) New Car Assessment Program (www.SaferCar.gov).


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