Mommy Fun Fact #10 ~ let them hear you brag

#10 let them hear you brag

Have you ever walked into a conversation and heard someone talking you up?  Spilling compliments about you to someone else, for no other reason than that you are AWESOME?!?!  These tokens of admiration are even sweeter because they weren’t even meant for you to hear, had you not walked up you wouldn’t have even know they were being said.  This person thinks so highly of you that you are the center of their conversation, their choice of topic and everything they say is positive!!!

Now imagine being 4 and playing quietly with your dolls when you suddenly hear your Mom say your name into the phone.  “Little M is so creative, the other day she sang a song that had the most beautiful lyrics.  I love to listen to her sing.”  No big production just a simple statement that says she is wonderful and Mom wants to tell the world.

The key is that while it may have appeared to be happy accident that she heard it, I had planned everything.  I knew which compliment I wanted her to hear, I moved a little closer to where she was for that part of the conversation, and I even raised my voice just a bit.

p.s. this works well with adults too!

And now a little bragging on my Bubs!

I went to Big M’s preschool parent/teacher conference a week ago.  I was pleased to learn he’s doing really well, but one thing she said makes me beam with pride.  “He has a genuine interest in people, and that is a really neat characteristic in a 5 year old.”  Could it get any better?

The other day he said to me, “Take a picture of this, so other Moms and kids will know what to do.”

Did you see the little construction site off to the side?

I could go on and on about my little man but I want to know about your kid!  What great things do you have to say about your little one. . .I can’t wait to read all about it!!!


  1. my son is 4 we were running errands after school one day and he noticed an american flag he says look mom there is a flag it is the american flag i say very good son then he says mom do you think there are americans in there

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