super simple GREEN COLLAGE

Big M spent the majority of last week sick on the couch.  Little M and I found ourselves in the same position yesterday.  ICK!  I did manage to throw together a little art project and Little M did manage to roll off the couch to do a little drawing and gluing.  I’m feeling a little better. . .hopefully tomorrows post will be a little more in depth!

I picked through the art cabinet and pulled out green feathers, green puzzle pieces, green foam letters, green straw.  You can use anything for a project like this.
She spent a little time at the art table, but her picture was a bit bare for the way she does art.  I think I’ll bring it out again today.  Hopefully she won’t still look like this.


  1. I’m super impressed that you are putting together art projects and blogging while you are feeling so icky! Hope you and your family get better soon!

  2. That’s so sad hugging the tissue box! Hope she feels better soon. Reminds me we need to do some green art.

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