Christmas Activity for Toddlers: Easy Jingle Bell Shakers

Are you looking for a fun (and easy) Christmas activity for toddlers? This jingle bell shaker activity is so simple. It’s easy to prep and has the potential to keep a toddler occupied for quite sometime (of course with toddlers you never know what will keep them occupied). I was watching my niece J and decided to have a little jingle bell fun. She loved it and I loved having a little toddler time.

Christmas Activity for Toddlers: Easy Jingle Bell Shakers

What you need: Jingle bells (we used the large ones), empty containers that have lids or small boxes that can be closed. (Note: This is an activity that requires adult supervision. Even the large jingle bells are small enough to be a chocking hazard.)

christmas activity for toddlers - Jingle Bell shakers

I dumped out a bunch of large jingle bells. J held a small container.She grabbed a jingle bell. Plopped it in. Grabbed a jingle bell. Plopped it in. Again and again until all that was left was a little shake, shake, shake!

Tips:  1.  I only watched J for about an hour, so I just used a little tape to secure the ends.  If I were giving this to a toddler that would have it longer I would seal it with stronger tape or glue.  2.  If you wanted to make these containers cute, it would be easy to add a little decorative paper on the outside. 3. Use these new jingle bells while you sing some Christmas songs.

Share your favorite simple Christmas activity for toddlers in the comment section.

This post originally appeared on December 13, 2011.


  1. I love this idea. My 1 year old needs something to entertain him while I bake cookies with my mom and sister today. I’ll have to try this. Thanks!

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