easy kids CHRISTMAS Songs you will love

What is your favorite part of Christmas? For me it’s the kids Christmas songs! If you love to sing, or even if you don’t love to sing, these songs are fun and easy.

kids Christmas songs

Kids Christmas Songs

Hat, Whiskers, Belt and Boots
(Sung to Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes)
Author Unknown

Hat, Whiskers, Belt and Boots
Belt and Boots
Hat, Whiskers, Belt and Boots
Belt and Boots
Twinkling eyes and a little cherry nose
Hat, Whiskers, Belt and Boots
Belt and Boots.

Add a little movement by pointing to the place you would find each item.

I’m A Little Snowman
(Sung to I’m A Little Teapot)
Author Unknown

I’m a little snowman,
short and stout,
twigs for arms and a carrot snout.
(shake arms out to sides, then form carrot onto nose.)

When the weather warms up,
gosh oh gee,
I melt and there’s no more of me.
(bend knees and crouch down until lying on the ground.)

The movements for this activity are listed in italics.

If you know any cute kids Christmas songs that are easy to learn, get the kids moving and just plan fun. . . add them here!

This post is a part of the Christmas lesson plan.

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