start a CHRISTMAS tradition with Bag of Wishes

It is time to start making our wish lists!  Since most preschoolers can’t write yet, here is a print out perfect for drawing all of the gifts your little one desires.

what you need: Santa Bag ~ crayons

This art activity is simple and takes very little prep time.  After you’ve printed out the Santa Bag, sit down with your little one.  Have them draw pictures of what they want for Christmas.  That’s it.

Big M never made people, he scribbled until one day he was suddenly drawing cars.  It is so much fun to watch Little M create people, changing a little bit every time she does.

Big M wants a “side lifting trash truck.”


  Little M wants a baby and a wand.

Tips (to maximize learning) : 1. Once you know what your little one is drawing, write it out on a seperate sheet of paper.  They may copy what you have written, they may not.  Even a quick glance at a word, especially one that represents something they love, will get your kid closer to reading.  2. Print a couple of extras to store in your Christmas box.  I have M and M’s Christmas lists from the year they could hold a crayon.  When they get a little older, I plan to make a special scrapbook of their wishes.  3. If your kids decided not to write out what they want, make sure you do!  If they don’t mind, of course.  If they do, write it on the back.  Add the date as well.

We are feeling really lucky (or maybe smart), the side lifting trash truck and baby are hiding in the attic.  What are your little ones wishing for?

This post is a part of the Christmas lesson plan.

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