decorate your CHRISTMAS tree with kid made ornaments

Around the beginning of November everyone around me starts hearing, “WAIT!  Don’t throw that away!”  By December the cupboards are stuffed with old boxes, juice containers, toilet paper rolls and scraps that look like fun.  Well today is the day it all comes out!  Yippee!  We have a small imitation tree, barely bigger then Big M.  It works perfect for their play area.  This year before I even had the ornament making stuff out, the kids had the tree decorated.
That has nothing to do with the actual activity, but I couldn’t resist sharing.  Okay, now for the actual art project.  In order to set up the ornament making area, I tried to keep a few things in mind.  I want the kids to be free to use this area unsupervised (no markers, glue, or glitter), I want this to be a fun week of creating (keep some things in the closet for the end of the week), and I want the kids to have the space they need.

what you need: tape, toilet paper rolls, ribbon, scraps of paper, craps of fabric, construction paper, old cards, Christmas stickers, egg carton. . . an eye for junk.

I supplied some sturdy object that will make good foundations.  I cut and egg carton to make 12 small cups, if you flip them upside down they resemble a bell.  A large ribbon spool, apple juice lids, and an actual wood ornament cut out, will all make for a great start.  I took several toilet paper rolls and cut them into 1 inch circles.  I saved jar lids as well.  With a hole drilled near one of the edges, a little ribbon will make a perfect hanging circle.

As you can see, the table is covered with collection of assorted items.  Now I will pour myself some coffee, sit back and watch the magic begin!

Big M used a few pieces left over from a foam kit, some small sticks, and a couple of egg carton cups to make a sleigh being pulled by two reindeer.

Little M started off with a princess.  I can’t wait to see what else they come up with!

Tips(to maximize learning): 1.  Stash this years Christmas cards along with your Christmas decorations.  You’ll be so happy next year.  Free and festive cutting!  I cut a few of the cards into small pieces and left the rest for the kids to cut on their own.  2.  ALWAYS save toilet paper rolls, they can be used for so many things.  3.  Give your kids space to be creative before you step in with ideas.

Questions(to ask your kids):  “Have you thought about adding ribbon?”  “Why did you pick that spot on the tree to hang your ornament?”  “What inspired this ornament?”

Don’t worry if you don’t have a months worth of “stuff” stored away, take a quick look around.  I bet you have everything you need to get your kids decorating.



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