5 Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make for Each Other

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Every Christmas my sister and I make a point of having the cousins give each other gifts. They love it and it is a good way to make sure receiving awesome gifts isn’t the only thing the kids get excited about. For the past few years we’ve had them buy small gifts from the local dollar store or craft store. This year we’re trying something new and having them make gifts for each other.

As always I wanted to share some of the ideas that I found. (And ask for you to add to the list of course!) Leave a description or a link in the comment section telling us about gifts your kids have made.

gifts kids can give each other

Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make for Each Other

  • A copy of their favorite book – What is more fun than passing along your something that you truly enjoyed? Kids can pass along the copy they read or buy a brand new copy (and keep the old one 😉 ).
  • Dinosaur Soap – This soap making idea from Kids Crafts by Three Sisters is so simple you could add any little toy to personalize the gift for the kid on the receiving end. (LEGO soap would go over big in this house.)
  • Snow Globe Magnets – I adore these snow globe magnets from A Girl and a Boy. How cool would it be to have your kids draw a picture for the background and then create the snow globe. I’m sure that’s a gift any kid would love to get.
  • Pretty Monogram – These yarn wrapped letters are simple enough for kids to make and pretty enough to hang on the wall for a very long time.
  • Patchwork Notebook – I think this is the gift M and M will be making for their cousins this year. The patchwork notebooks from iHanna are so pretty and offer a great opportunity to get creative (both for the gift giver and gift receiver).


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