foamy soap PAINTING

I saw this activity for foamy soap painting a while back and knew it would be perfect for Little M.  It could potentially be a BIG mess (even a little messy for me!?!) so I wanted to be sure I was really prepared.  See the post that got me so excited here.

what you need:  foaming soap ~ paint ~ buckets ~ paint brushes ~ stuff to paint

When I said I wanted to be prepared I was not kidding.  I put our playmat on the grass, a smock on Little M and put a bucket of clean water with a towel close by.

Little M filled the cup with foaming soap.  (Don’t you just love the look of concentration?)  Then we added a few squirts of paint and mixed.  I ended up adding about twice as much soap as we started with.

Little M was happy to jump right in.  I used blue, yellow, and red so that she could mix the colors.  Notice the lids?  I don’t usually use lids because she loves mixing colors so much.  I wanted her to keep them separate in the containers and mix on the boards for this one.

Big M even joined for a bit.

This was GORGEOUS!!!

So was this…hee hee!

Once the boards were covered Little M moved on to painting some of the textured objects.

Foamy Soap Painting ended up being even cooler than I had expected.  The added bonus?  Clean up was breeze.  I guess the soap made the paint “clean”.

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  2. Awesome activity. My kids love shaving cream painting, we have never tried soam foam painting before !

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