Fingerprint Matching Game and a book review

If you read yesterday’s book review you surely know that I am a HUGE fan of the character Jane O’Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser have created. Fancy Nancy is somewhat of a celebrity in our house. I just about jumped out of my seat when I saw this…

Fancy Nacy

Yep! Fancy Nancy is growing up (right along with her readers)! I will honestly say I was worried. Sometimes a drastic change can be scary. Would Jane O’ Connor be able to keep all of the qualities I love so much while stretching into chapter books? Let me assure you she is one talented writer… I might even like Nancy Clancy more than Fancy Nancy, but really there is no reason to compare. We’ll continue to enjoy everything Fancy Nancy.

What I love

  • Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth has the perfect amount of pictures for a short chapter book. Robin Preiss Glasser keeps her standard for details even though the pictures are black and white. 
  • A love of language is a prominent focus of the book.
  • Nancy is still not perfect, but her sweet spirit is certainly present.
  • Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth inspires a ton of extension activities  (just wait until you see our Fingerprint Matching game).
  • Book number two is coming soon! Nancy Clancy, Secret Admirer. I haven’t decided if we should pre-order ours or rush to the book store on January 2.

 Fingerprint Matching Game

In Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth Nancy tries to solve a crime by matching fingerprints to a dirty print she has found. Hmmm… Fancy Nancy did what she does best. Inspired creativity. In me. 😉

M, M and I created a fingerprint matching game.

matching game

 1. M and M wrote out the names of everyone available for fingerprinting. (Great writing practice!)
2. We fingerprinted everyone three times. One print on Little M’s game board, one print on Big M’s game board and one print on the fingerprint cards.
3. I made a key. Each of the fingerprint cards had a number from 1-6 on the back. I wrote the number and the name of the person whose fingerprint it held. The key was for my eyes only. It ended up being pretty easy to tell whose print was whose but I was glad to have the key… just in case.

matching game

As any Fancy Nancy fan knows, dressing for the occasion is very important. Meet Little M… super sleuth!

matching gameOur matching game ended up being so much fun. After the kids played with it for a while they took it around the house and had each adult give it a try. Big M even asked if he could bring it to school to test his teacher. Love that!

Which books have been inspiring you lately? 

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  1. What a great activity! I grew up reading Nancy Drew and other detective type mysteries, so this book sounds lovely. Am I too old to read these? I guess I’ll just have to use my son as an excuse and read them to him. (It works for picture books, right?)

    1. Nancy Clancy has an old Nancy Drew book in the Super Sleuth story… so you’ll like it even more. 😉 My niece just started reading on her own and my sister made her read twice because it isn’t fair that Mom should miss out! My son loves Fancy Nancy too, so go pick up a few. I would start with picture books if you haven’t read anything Fancy Nancy. Here’s my review for those.

  2. Such a fun activity! I also loved Nancy Drew as a girl and have so many of the books. I can’t wait till one day my daughter might take an interest in them. I know she’d already love this activity. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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