why I love Fancy Nancy… a book review

It’s been a while since I’ve done a book review and I think it’s time I tell you about a book (or series of books) that we can’t live without.

Fancy Nancy written by Jane O’ Connor and Illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser . She’s fancy alright, but she is so much more than that. She’s funny, smart, kind and not at all perfect. Fancy Nancy proves that you can love frilly, pink and fluffy things AND getting your hands dirty. “Lace-trimmed socks do help me to play soccer better.” ~Fancy Nancy Fancy Nancy

book review

Jane O’Connor has a brilliant way of not only exposing children to language, but also explaining what each fancy word means in terms that kids can understand. When Little M was 2 she used the word devastated with confidence.   “I am devastated, which is upset, only a zillion times worse.” ~ Fancy Nancy Fancy Nancy: Splendiferous Christmas 

Each book contains an underlying moral of goodness… not perfection. “It’s just hard now because Bree got something you wanted very much. You’re jealous. But your heart is so generous and warm, it will melt the bad feelings away.” ~ Fancy Nancy’s Mom Fancy Nancy and the Mermaid Ballet

Robin Preiss Glasser adds beautiful details to every picture.  From Fancy Nancy’s extremely creative wardrobe to the Nancy made decorations that fill her home… Robin Preiss Glasser thinks of everything!

More Fancy Nancy Hardcover Books

Fancy Nancy: Explorer Extraordinaire!
Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy
Fancy Nancy: Bonjour, Butterfly
Fancy Nancy: Aspiring Artist (Which I just saw, haven’t read and can’t wait to get my hands on!)

Jane O’Connor gives us Fancy Nancy in early reader form as well. These books are short, easy to read and just as lovely as the hardcover series. Fancy Nancy’s true character shines and even though the pictures aren’t quite as fantastic as Robin Preiss Glasser’s , they’ll do.  The list of Fancy Nancy early readers is LONG, I’ll give you the list of what we have.

Fancy Nancy I Can Read books

Fancy Nancy and the Mean GirlFancy Nancy and the Delectable CupcakesFancy Nancy: Splendid Speller Fancy Nancy: Spectacular SpectaclesFancy Nancy at the Museum
Fancy Nancy: The Show Must Go On

book review

Beware of the “based on the creation” Fancy Nancy books. They are okay reads, but no where near as brilliant as the originals. More than once I have grabbed a Fancy Nancy book without paying much attention and ended up disappointed.

Can you imagine how excited I was to see this…

I’ll share my thoughts on Nancy Clancy tomorrow.

Which Fancy Nancy book is your favorite? 

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  1. We are huge Fancy Nancy fans in our house. My almost 4 year old just devours her books and uses her fancy words all the time. Thanks for the heads up on the ‘based on’ books. I’ll keep my eyes open for those.

  2. I love Fancy Nancy books also so colorful and fun! Check out the fancy nancy book basket I made and tags. If you would like them for your little fancy nancy girl let me know and I will send the files for you to download and print. Take care and have a wonderful day. Thanks, Gwyn Rollins

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