FALL nature bracelet

I saw this idea out there on the web somewhere and didn’t Pin It, ugg!  So the credit goes to an unnamed source… thank you whoever you are!!!

what you need: tape ~ fall stuff

I wrapped tape around Little M’s arms so that the sticky side was on the outside.

She collected all kinds of fun fall items, using her finger muscles (fine motor) to pick up and stick her findings onto the bracelet!

Questions (to ask your kids):  “Does everything stick?  Why or why not?”  “How did you choose the fall items you used?”

What fun things do you add to your fall walks?

This post is a part of the FALL lesson plan.


    1. She wore it for the walk around the block, but not much longer. I wore one too and it was pretty itchy. Maybe next time we will bring them home and wrap them around a cup for a pretty fall center piece!

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