APPLE tasting…yum!

We have done an apple tasting every year for the past 3 years.  I guess I’ve started a little tradition.  My plan was to add a little extra knowledge each year…as the kids grow.  The annual apple tasting hasn’t changed much though, I guess its just fun and simple the way it is.  Can’t argue with that!

I picked up 4 different types (last year I had more but I was too lazy to go to more stores in search of apples)!  We used Red Delicious, Fugi, Granny Smith, and Golden Delicious.

Little M getting ready!

Big M, pretending because Red Delicious was his least favorite.

I sliced as we went.  We all talked about the differences (and similarity of each apple).  We used descriptive words… with our mouths totally full.  We talked about texture, color, and taste.  I used the name of each apple over and over.


There’s Grandma and Gigi… they have been at every apple tasting!  LUCKY US!

Of course I was there too!

Which apple is your favorite?


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