a lovely FALL wreath…just in time

Fall takes a little longer to show up around here.  So while all of my bloggy friends have been posting fun fall projects, we have been cranking up the A/C and wearing flip flops.  Well I decided this week I would just pretend fall had arrived.  We made this lovely fall wreath… and suddenly the leaves started falling!  I guess it was just in time! =)

what you need:  construction paper (fall colors) ~ glue ~ scissors ~ pencils ~ picture of leaves (I printed it from here.)

I cut a wreath shape out of a large brown piece of construction paper.

Little M and I talked about each leaf.  We examined the difference in shape, size, color.  I explained that my plan was for her to draw leaves similar to the ones on the page, cut them out and then glue them onto the wreath.  Then Little M did exactly what she had planned…. something different.  =)

Lovely!  (What fall wreath would be complete without a skate boarding leaf?)

Little M took control of the camera for a bit to show off some of the “side projects” she was working on.

Questions (to ask your kids):  “What do you notice about the shape of this leaf?”  “What similarities are there between the Oak Leaf and the Maple Leaf?”

This post is a part of the FALL lesson plan.


  1. Love that she just took over the lesson plan and did things her own way…it still turned out cute and fun and I bet she had a blast 🙂

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