CKLC #9: Build a Lego Hat

Challenge #8 was so much fun. (We now have a Christmas tree full of Lego Ornaments). We picked three creations to feature but make sure to click through to the gallery. You’ll want to see (and read) every entry. If you want to have your Lego ornament added to the gallery AWESOME! Read the guidelines and submit away. These challenges are open to anyone… anytime.


Morkindabble created by Max (Age 10). This ornament is actually a part of a meteor that came from a planet known as Morkindabble. It’s a planet made entirely from legos. Scientists have no idea how it manages to survive in the solar system, and most don’t even want to admit that it exists because it’s so un-scientific. Seriously, a lego planet? But it DOES exist- and this ornament is proof. I hung it on the tree by sticking the tiny hole in the side through a branch so it looks like it is orbiting.


The secret square created by Micah (Age 5). I found this square in a box in Mommy’s craft room. It was with some stuff for a little girl. When I touched it, I felt funny, like magic. So I picked it up and put it on the tree next to the baby ornament. The baby ornament likes to look at it. I think this one must be that little girl’s favorite, but nobody in my house knows anything about the little girl. Maybe it’s a mystery.


Christmas Trees created by Carlos (Age 5). One is a normal Christmas Tree that is still in the forest but somebody put a star on the top. The other is a magical Christmas tree, it was a normal one but a witch came and changed it into a magic tree, and its color changed. Note from Mom: In Germany the Christmas Tree is put up on Christmas Eve, so we will have to wait until then to hang our ornament 😉

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build a lego hat

CKLC #9– Build a Lego Hat

This weeks Creative Kids Lego Challenge idea comes from Taylor (Age 7… 7?!?!?… Taylor is my niece and she just turned 7 a couple of days ago. I can’t believe she’s 7!)

The challenge is to build a Lego Hat. I’m going to leave the idea open for you because I know just how creative you can be. If you need a little help brainstorming ideas think BIG! (Can you build a Lego hat that will fit on your head?) OR think small. (What about a hat that fits a Mini Fig or one of your dolls.) Of course it doesn’t have to fit anything at all. It could be a replica of your favorite hat or a design you imagine yourself.

For the story telling part of this challenge I want you to imagine that your hat has been worn by many people. Why has it been passed around? Is it wishing to return to the original owner or is it enjoying the adventure?

I look forward to seeing your creations and reading your stories.  Head over, read the rules and submit your entry. Remember any entry submitted by Thursday will be considered for next Saturday’s feature. Don’t worry if you miss it though, the galleries will remain live for everyone to see!

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