a month long Thanksgiving… Gratitude Journals

Last year we made a Gratitude Jar (which led to this Conversation Jar).  It was really fun spending time thinking about things that we were really thankful for, the only problem was that is there is no record of our thankfulness.  This year I thought it would be fun to make gratitude journals.

what you need:  card stock ~ 20-30 copies of Large Journal Pages or 10-15 copies of the Small Journal Pages ~ water colors ~ sharpie or black marker ~ glue ~ scissors

I put the journals together but I wanted M an M to have their own art work on the cover.

Big M drew his ghost (guess I should have waited until after Halloween ;)) with a black scrap booking marker.

Little M filled in her ghost with water colors.

I drew leaves and added water color to them.

The cover was really simple to put together.   I used a glue stick (because that’s what I had) and glued the pieces on like so.  Then I punched holes in the side of the covers and all of the pages.  I used ribbon and yarn to tie the gratitude journals together.
Nothing too fancy but I think they turned out pretty cute!  We will spend a little time talking about the things we are thankful for and A LOT of time celebrating those things.  Once the month is over we should each have our own little journal full of everything that makes us happy and grateful!

This post is a part of the Thanksgiving lesson plan.

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    1. So far Little M has been thankful for watching TV (sick day… with Dad 🙂 ) and her Mommy (AHHHH). Big M has been thankful for playing games with his Grandma and his FUNNY family. Last year they came up with some really great stuff. I had a hard time getting them to think past people (which I suppose is good!)

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