10 Gingerbread Man Activities & Crafts

We love Gingerbread Man activities around here! In fact some of our favorite Christmas traditions revolve around that sneaky cookie. Check out these ten adorable gingerbread men activities and crafts, then leave us a comment explaining your favorite way to play with gingerbread men.

10 gingerbread man activities and crafts

10 Gingerbread Man Activities & Crafts

Read different versions of The Gingerbread Man. Here are our 4 favorite versions of The Gingerbread Man story. While you’re reading talk about what is the same and what is different in each story. Is there anything that is the same in EVERY story?

Make paper gingerbread men. We had a blast with our simple gingerbread man craft and they became a keepsake I love to pull out every year.

Bake gingerbread man cookies. Here is a great gingerbread man cookie recipe with decorating tips.

Have some missing gingerbread fun! The years we did a gingerbread man hunt will be treasured memories for me and the kids. Our gingerbread man goes missing and leaves a series of clues (find printable clues when you follow the link). We haven’t done it in 2 years and the kids still talk about it regularly.

Give out those homemade cookies! And keep track of everyone’s first bite. After baking cookies (and finding the missing fellow) we passed cookies around the neighborhood. The only thing we asked of our neighbors is that they took their first bite in front of us. It was silly, fun and the gingerbread man first bite chart was a great math lesson too!

Make gingerbread ornaments. Happy Hooligans has an adorable sandpaper gingerbread men idea that includes tips for making them scented. FUN!

Have some fun storytelling with the gingerbread man. Storytelling with familiar stories is a great way to get started storytelling. Nurture Store has some great tips for gingerbread storytelling.

Create with gingerbread playdough. Get the recipe for gingerbread playdough from Kids Activities Blog and then get creative with gingerbread style accessories.

Make a gingerbread men paper chain. Easy, creative and cute! Check out these gingerbread men paper chains from Lets Explore.

Set up a felt gingerbread men station. Felt is a great quiet time activity. You can get some ideas of what to include from Fantastic Fun and Learning… felt gingerbread men.

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