WORM books for kids

What better way to dive into spring than with a little worm lesson plan?  We found these three terrific worm books and have been reading them daily for about two weeks (yikes is it time to go back to the library already?)

The Fact Book

Garden Wigglers: Earthworms in Your Backyard

by Nancy Loewen
Illustrated by Rick Peterson

 This book was by far the most factual of the three books.  While Big M runs to fact books, Little M usually stays away from them.  This fact book was simple to read, with playful pictures.  Giving both the kids something to love.  I loved that I learned at least 3 things about worms from this book.  Do you know the name for worm poop?  I do now. 😉

Garden Wigglers encourages kids to get outside and examine worms. It also advises them to return the worms to their home in the dirt.  I like that.  There is a fun activity to try … we’ll show you that tomorrow!

The Story Book

Wiggle and Waggle

By Caroline Arnold
Illustrated by Mary Peterson

Wiggle and Waggle is a fun story about two worms.  There are a few facts thrown in but for the most part this book is fiction.  The characters make fun out of their work (an idea I love for M and M to see) and they take a break when they need it (another idea that’s important).

I would consider this book an early reader even though it is a little bit beyond Big M’s skill set.  There are words and sentences that repeat through out the book.  We will certainly check this book out again.

The Funny Book

Diary of a Worm

by Doreen Cronin
Pictures by Harry Bliss

Have you ever brought a book home that made the entire family laugh out loud?  This one is that kind of book.  Of course we have read it enough times now that I am ready to take it back to the library.  (That only means M and M love it!)

Diary of a Worm follows a young worm through his diary.  He explains what is so difficult about being a worm, along with what is so lovely about being a worm.  His best friend, a spider can be found on most pages.  This is a new family favorite. 🙂

Do you know of any good worm books?

This post is a part of the Worm lesson plan.

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    1. We made them last year. I saved everything but we haven’t gotten around to it yet. Glad you reminded me, I think we’ll do it again soon!

  1. This looks cute and definitely perfect for the kids.. I just want to check this out and get some copies for them..

  2. Thank you! I’ve been saving a 2-liter bottle for a worm experiment, and your recommended books are just the thing for accompaniment. My library has the two fiction books–I’m set.

  3. We haven’t got around to our worm investigations yet 🙁 the weather has been rainy and wet for 1 month great for the worms but we’ve been distracted with puddle jumping instead.

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