Toddler color matching

Learning colors is so much fun.  It should be easy and pressure free.    While we were enjoying our extended sleepover I made sure to set aside some toddler time with my niece J.

I cut colored construction paper in half and grabbed an assortment of colored toys small enough to fit on the color rectangles.

Is this a match?  Nope.

Ah ha.  There you go.

Little M and S were close by when we started this activity and couldn’t resist joining in.  When your big kids join in it’s a great opportunity to teach them how to teach.

Tips (to maximize learning): 1.  Rather than correcting your toddler when the place an object on a different color, use it as an opportunity to expand on language.  “You decided to put the blue cup on the red rectangle.”  2.  Try taking these rectangles outside.  Can you find colors that match in nature?

What type of color matching activities do you prepare?

This post is a part of the Color Lesson Plan.


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