Storytelling with Sight Words (3 Ways)

I have one more storytelling activity before we move onto something else. It’s hard to stop once you get started! (Don’t worry though storytelling is near and dear to me… I’m sure we’ll circle back around to it another time). This time we used storytelling for teaching sight words.

I was working with Little M and her Cousin T on this kid activity. We used the sight words assigned for this week. Their teacher gives them 8 words a week but if you need a list of sight words, check out these printable Dolch Sight Words. They are divided by grade level.

teaching sight words with storytelling. what a great idea!

I planned this sight word activity to be done one way… and they came up with their own versions. I love creative kids. Lucky for you that means you get this activity 3 ways!

Teaching Sight Words with Storytelling

I had the girls write their words out on storytelling cards. While they wrote I asked them to read the words to me. I helped with any words they were stuck on.

teaching sight words with storytelling. what a great idea!

Version 1 – Storytelling Circle

  • Put all of the cards in a pile face down in the middle (we sat in a circle around the cards).
  • Everyone draws a card and looks at their word. I helped them read any words they had trouble with.
  • One person starts a story using the word on their card.
  • The next person adds to the story and so on.
  • Continue until all of the cards have been used.

Storytelling Cards using sight words - awesome!

Version 2 – Individual Storytelling

  • One person stands in front of everyone (or sits) and uses all of the sight word cards.
  • Picking one card at a time, the storyteller builds a story using the word on the card.

teaching sight words with storytelling. what a great idea!

Version 3 – Guess My Word Storytelling

We did this one last so everyone was really familiar with all of the cards.

  • The storyteller pulls a word from the stack of cards and creates a sentence using that word.
  • Everyone else tries to guess which word in the sentence was the word on the card.
  • Be silly and try to hide the words

These storytelling games made teaching sight words even more fun than it usually is!

Can you guess which version was mine?

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