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If you missed Monday’s post.  Make a quick trip over to get the scoop on my Waiting Bag.  Sound like something you never knew you always needed?  You can find out how to make one here.  Now let’s start talking about how to fill this little lifesaver.

The Line Game

Big M and I came up with this fun game while we were waiting for Little M to finish up her bath one night (she loves water just as much as paint, so there was a lot of WAITING!)

what you need: paper or drawing pad ~ writing utensil

One person starts by drawing a line on a piece of paper.  The line can be anything from a dot to a curvy loop.

Once the line is drawn the paper moves over to the other player, who tries to make the line into something else.  It can be an abstract design or an actual object.

Big M usually turns the line into something that moves.  This time it was a car.  Can you see the original line?

We take turns back and forth, with the artist becoming the person to set the stage with a new line.

Questions (to ask your kids): “Could you use this line to make the same drawing you made before?  Why or why not?”  “What does this line inspire?”  “How could we make this game more challenging?”

Tips (to maximize learning):  1.  This game takes practice.  Try to make your drawings just as simple as theirs.  2.  Once your little one is really good at this game start adding two lines to the drawing.  3. If you have a magna doodle. . .they work great for this game!

Drawing Pad

For the Waiting Bag I was looking for a small drawing pad (no lines).  I found the perfect pack in the party section.  The best part. . .$2 for a pack of 5.  I have nothing against Spiderman, but I decided to pretty these drawing pads up a bit.

what you need: drawing pad ~ scrapbook paper ~ glue stick ~ stickers

I cut red scrapbook paper to so that it would fit perfectly over the cover.

Then I added red letters to black scrapbook paper and cut around the letters.  I left a little edge of black to frame the word.

I glued the black paper to a piece of gray paper and glued it all to the red paper.  Then I attached to red paper to the cover of the book.

 This post is a part of WAITING lesson plan


  1. Another fun one with a notepad: first person thinks of an object and draws it for eg, a trophy. Show the drawing to the next person,don’t tell them what it is.
    On a fresh page, they have to draw it. They then show it to the next person who draws it on a fresh page and so on. They can only look at the last persons drawing for five seconds. The more people there is, the funnier it is.
    When u get to the last person, they have to guess what it is. If they get it right, they win, if not the prev person has to guess, again they win if right if not, goes to the prev person before them to draw, so go backwards round the group that drew. It’s very funny seeing what people guess and works great if you’ve got 4 or more kids to amuse. Best to start with adult then you can decide how easy to make it depending on your age group.

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