Room Mom: Teacher Gift Guide

I don’t know about you but teacher gifts can be the HARDEST gifts to come up with!!!
I want the gift to be thoughtful and something she (or he) will really enjoy. After all they work very hard teaching and loving our little ones!  Unfortunately, as parents we may not know that much about these important people. This year I am room mom (or more accurately co-room mom) for M and M’s classes. Since I know figuring out the perfect gift is difficult for me… I figured the same might be true some of the other parents.

room mom

I typed up a quick little questionnaire with 10 easy questions and handed it over for the teachers to fill out. Once that is done all I have to do is make copies for all the parents and hand them out (or put them inside backpacks. ;))

Easy peasy  (As Mrs. V would say).

Of course I figured you might want a copy… so here you go!

Teacher Gift Guide (Snowflakes)
Teacher Gift Guide (Plain)

I will probably attach a quick note to the front of these suggesting that parents hold onto the guide for teacher appreciation week and end of the year gifts.

Have you decided on teacher gifts yet? I would love to hear what you’re doing! 


  1. I always like asking people where they like to shop. That way it’s at least close to their taste or they can exchange it for something else. I’ve gotten a few gifts from stores I’d never go to, and while I always appreciate the effort, I have a bit of a difficult time trying to find something I’d use from that store.

  2. At my son’s school, the teachers fill out a “favorites” page at the end of the year and it is posted on part of the school’s website. I like to make a “12 Days ’til Christmas Break” basket for teachers. It holds many of the little things on their favorites list. For example, this year’s teacher’s list had: socks, M&Ms, Starbucks gift card, cute binder clips, a game for the classroom, and a few other things.

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