BABY DOLL pretend play area

Once all of the baby dolls were bathed, it was time to set up a pretend play nursery.  (Again… I didn’t have much hope for this area since Little M is not a “baby doll” kind of kid.  Sometimes these little things are just for me… my grandma enjoyed it too. 🙂 )

Our little bathing station included wash cloths, rubber ducky and empty containers (for “soap”) and towels.

All of the clothes had a nice neat place…

Diaper changing is a must.  I even rinsed out a few real wipes.

I made a little porta crib… for sleeping on the go.  (I did use a box cutter… but please don’t tell.  I’m not allowed to use tools. 😉 )

Hubs did a much better job with the box cutter.

So cute!!!  (Little M has used this adorable little cardboard bed for babies for a while… a little spray paint made it extra special.)

After adding a stroller, a feeding chair and a few baby dolls the nursery was complete.

I left the nursery up for 3 weeks.  About 1 1/2 weeks in Little M started using it.  HOORAY!  A little baby doll pretend play…

This post is a PRETEND PLAY skill.


  1. Love this. For the children I work with who may not be as into it or may have a difficult time, I draw out some of the actions ahead of time as kind of like a guide sheet. Then we can check it off as we play or review at the end what we did. Your portacrib is too cute!

    1. What a great idea! Drawing them out, adding pictures, using written word cues, making sequence cards… would all be awesome ways to extend on this play area. (Maybe I should bring it back out again.;))

  2. LOVE this idea. We have a six month old son and my daughter may enjoy this, especially the diaper station. She isn’t a baby doll kid either but this may spark her imagination. Gonna try to find premmie diapers to fit her dolls.

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