bath day for the baby doll

We cleaned out storage and found a big box of my old baby dolls.

We also found a bag full of clothes my grandma made to fit these dolls. Little M has never really been into baby dolls.  She’ll play with them, but she doesn’t really have a favorite.  She doesn’t always have a doll in her hand or dream about cute little accessories.  So when I dumped this box I knew I was in for a least one week of baby doll play… and I was excited!

First up?  The babies needed a bath.

We filled a little pink bathtub (bought when I still thought we had a chance of being “baby lovers”) with dish soap, grabbed a few wash cloths and a small bowl of water.  (Any plastic container would work great for this!)

Because most of the babies had soft bellies we didn’t want to submerge them.  Just a quick wipe down, rinse and dry… and these baby dolls were ready to go.

This baby needed a little hair help.  Little M spritzed her hair with a special little hair conditioner.  (Thank you cookieandclaire for the great idea!)

After a little comb through we decided to add curlers.  Corks worked perfect!

Little rubber bands worked well to hold the curl in place.

CUTE!  Truth is I did the curlers.  Little M had lost interest in babies… boy that was quick.  I wanted to leave the curlers in for an hour or so but……

I took a phone call and Little M pulled them out before they were set.  Oh well… some of the curls had already formed.  I think I might play with curlers again… after Little M is in bed. 😉

This post is a part of the BABIES lesson plan.

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