DIY Portable Homework Station Using a Binder

We are busy getting ready for back to school. My oldest starts middle school this year.  There will be quite a few changes, one of which will be homework from multiple teachers.

I would like to make keeping it all organized a little easier on him in the beginning. After a pretty through Pinterest search, I realized that I would need to come up with my own system

We need a portable homework station that doesn’t take up too much space.

In the end, a homework binder seemed like the best idea.

Portable Homework Station - perfect for small spaces and doing homework in lots of different places.

Building a Portable Homework Station Binder

The best part about this system is how flexible it is. I’m starting out with things that we’ll probably need, but I know adding or taking away items will be easy.

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  • A 1 1/2″ binder is the perfect size for this project. Small enough to be carried around comfortably and big enough to hold all of the homework goodies!
  • A few clear zipper binder pockets. I bought two extras, that way I can add to the homework binder easily if I need to.
portable homework station with printable homework checklist
  • Checklists make it easy to follow a new routine. Use this with reminders of everything that needs to be done while they are at the homework table. We slid ours into a page protectors to make it reusable.

Click here to get your printable checklist.

  • Include two pocket folders. One that can hold papers that mom needs to go through and one for papers that mom has signed or approved.
  • One of the pouches holds pencils.
  • We are using one of the pouches for notes. I made sure to get lots of note taking options. Sticky notesindex cards and Post-it Flags.
  • The other pouch keeps dry erase markers handy. We will use these for checking off tasks or making notes on the Homework Time Printable.
  • A ruler was a pretty easy addition.
  • This is the perfect place to store lined paper.
  • The best part is this system will be easy to modify as we go!

    How does homework go at your house? I would love any tips you can share.

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