My Friend Bear… make a paper bag teddy

I am staring at the screen… drawing a blank.  How did I start this?  What did I include?  Which picture was first?  Any great tips?  (sigh).

Are you confused?  I’ll tell you all about it.  Yesterday I spent one entire hour writing a post… this post.  The hour I spent was the hour M and M (who have been home sick all week) were watching TV.  You know… my rest time.  I wrote the post, full of cute stories, funny comments (I always think I include funny comments… just go with it 😉 ).

Then I hit save… and the whole thing disappeared.  DISAPPEARED!!!!! As in gone, vanished… never coming back.  I was/am (to quote Little M) devastated.

But the post must go on, so here it is.  I’m sure not nearly as clever as the first version… certainly not as long or in depth.  But here all the same…

The bear books by Jez Alborough were the the first children’s books I fell in love with as an adult.  My Friend Bear is the third book in the series and probably my favorite.  The story is a simple tale of friendship.  The words rhyme… and the flow is so easy to follow.

To make this cute little stuffed My Friend Bear Paper Bag Teddy you will need… 

Bear Pattern
~ paper bags
~ sharpie
~ scissor
~ markers / crayons
~hole punch
~ twine
~ stuffing

Trace two bears on separate pieces of paper bag.  If you want to give your little one some extra tracing practice this just might be the job for them.  Trace the bear onto card stock and cut it out… you’ll have a nice sturdy tracer.
Cut, cut, cut.
Color, color, color.
Punch holes all the way around the bear.  Sewing the bears together proved to be less exciting then I expected.  I ended up sewing all of them together… I do suppose this part would be perfect for some kids.
Sew all the way around leaving enough room at the top to stuff the bear.  Then just finish it up.
Isn’t that adorable?!?!?  Our neighbor friend made this one and she loves summer… can you tell?

All right.  How did I do?  I am feeling much better.

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  1. I hate when that happens! You recovered wonderfully though. I will have to check that book out too….if I don’t win 🙂

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