Big M had a little extra energy to burn (no surprise there) and he wanted to work on his sight words.  So I came up with a way to combine the two.

Big M and I took turns writing out the words with chalk on the cement.  (We made sure to space them out so that each word had it’s own area.)

Big M picked a word.  He read it (or I read it if he didn’t know it already).  Then he handed it back to me and. . .

RAN.  The rule this time was to touch the fence at the far end and then run back to the word he had selected.  (Depending on the amount of energy your little one has, the run time could be longer or shorter.)

Once he was on the word I had him read it, match it to the sight word card and then read it again.  We did this over and over until he was tired of running (notice I didn’t say tired of reading?!?!?)

This is a part of the Sight Words series.


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