practice numbers with HALLOWEEN stickers

Numbers are big around here (for just about everyone but me).  My hubby has a crazy math brain that I’m pretty sure Big and Little M have inherited.  They love counting, adding, sorting, patterns, and just about anything else that could be considered MATH.  I, on the other hand turn into a zombie when numbers start flying “HUH?” is about all I can muster.  Since they were little I have tried give them activities that challenge those little brains… since they think it’ so much fun!

What you need: Halloween stickers ~ paper ~ marker ~ page protector

I used a marker to make 12 rectangles.  Each with it’s own number.  Then I slipped it into a page protector.  (Pretty simple!)

I offered Little M some stickers and let her get to work.

Big M is working on addition (and moving into subtraction) so on the other side of the paper I wrote out the beginning of some math problems.

Big M was able to fill in the missing numbers with stickers.

Tips(to maximize learning):  1.  The stickers peel off and can be used again.  Some stickers work better than others.  I also found that the longer they were on the page protector the harder they were to get off.  2.  Use small numbers… 12 stickers takes a long time and Little M was pretty over it by then.  3.  Dry erase markers and crayons work on page protectors.  You could make the rectangles and then have your little fill in the numbers depending on how many stickers they used!

How do you bring math to your little ones???

This is a part of the HALLOWEEN lesson plan.

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  1. I love this idea. I have to admit, I don’t do nearly enough early math with my kids. I think my oldest has my very language oriented brain. The youngest, however, is much more into ordering things, matching things, and pretending to count. He’s probably going to challenge me to come up with some math activities — which I need to anyway– so thanks for sharing this. I’m thinking I could adapt it for every holiday so I think you just gave me about 10 math activities 😉

    1. YEAH for adaptable activities! Math and science are the topics I have a hard time with, but I guess the more we teach the kids the more we will learn! =)

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