Letter of the Week ~ Letter R ~ Ribbon Sensory Bin

It’s time for some Letter R fun.  Little M and I had a great time putting together a Ribbon Sensory Bin.

Apparently I buy a lot of ribbon without paying attention to what I already have.  Who needs 4 spools of orange ribbon?  Turns out this was a great project for cleaning out our ribbon box!  Little M and I cut strips of ribbon, some short and some REALLY long.  I curled some of the ribbon and was hoping to give her a lesson in curling ribbon, but she wasn’t interested.  Maybe next time. 🙂

We searched for R items.  Some items were too big to fit in our box so we wrote the words out instead.  We added some foam “R”s.  (Can you tell I made them?)  Magnetic letters would work too.

Tips (to maximize learning):  1. Make sure to leave a few obvious R items out of the box.  This will allow your little one to find some “R”s on their own.  2.  While you are playing talk about R words and encourage your little one to think of some too.  3.  Mix letter sound activities with letter art activities for added punch.

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