Letter of the Week ~ Letter T ~ Traveling T

We play around with letter sounds and letter recognition all the time. The car is no exception. In fact the car can be the best place to enjoy some fun letter practice. It soaks up some of the waiting time and can be just plain fun!

Letter T
These letter games can be played with any letter or a combination of letters, but since it’s T week I’ll stick to the Letter T.

Traveling T

Look for T words as you drive. Point out something that starts with a T.

Once you have taken your turn, ask your little one to find a T item. Take turns until everyone is tired of playing. Sometimes our letter games last for five minutes… sometimes they last half an hour. Now that is serious letter work!

Tips to maximize learning.

1. When the kids were younger I would start with the harder, less obvious T words. Leaving the easy ones like TREE for the kids to find. As they have gotten older, they like the challenge. 😉

2. Be creative. Do you see a tumbleweed or a woman wearing a turquoise shirt? Words they have never heard will soak in and become part of their vocabulary.

3. Don’t worry if your kid says a word that starts with a letter other than T. That is a lesson in itself. “You see a boy. B-B-B-boy starts with B! Can you find something that starts with a T-T-T?”

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