LEGO Challenges for Junior Builders

LEGO is an exciting word at our house. My son discovered LEGO sets when he was around 5, and he hasn’t stopped building since. Now that LEGO has introduced a new line I’m convinced that kids just like him will be building (and having success with building) even earlier.

This new line is called LEGO Juniors and it’s designed for 4- to 7-year-old builders. The bricks are regular LEGO sized (which means they’ll fit right in with our ever-growing LEGO collection).

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LEGO Challenges for beginning builders... how fun!

LEGO Challenges for Junior Builders

We tried out LEGO Juniors Construction. I loved that the instructions were simple to follow and that each part of the set went together with only a few pieces. It offers quick and easy gratification for those new builders!

Once your junior builder has had some fun building and rebuilding the set according to the instructions, it’s time to get creative. I’ve made these challenges with beginning builders in mind.

Build a Car. Cars are a fun and easy way to start creating. Kids are familiar with what they are and how they look. For this challenge keep in mind the level of your junior builder. You can attach the wheels and base of the car ahead of time, that way the car will come together and roll no matter how your child builds it.

Use one Color. The great thing about this challenge is that here is no expectation of a final product (unless the builder chooses). Do this one a couple of time. Let your child choose a color first, then you choose one.

Build with a Partner. Looking at a pile of bricks can be intimidating, so try working as a team. Each of you add one LEGO piece at a time. When you finish talk about what your creation reminds you of, which colors you used, and how often you used them, as well as how wide or tall your creation is.

Build a Story. Storytelling (like LEGO building) is a skill worth encouraging. We love to mix both! You can ask questions about your child’s creation. Or get the story started yourself, using the creation as inspiration.

Timed Tower Building. Set a timer for three minutes (adjust the time depending on how comfortable your builder is with connecting pieces) and challenge your child to see how tall of a tower they can build before the timer goes off.

Do you have a favorite way to encourage your kids to get creative with LEGO bricks?

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