Home made Gifts for Christmas

I totally get that Christmas is over… so why must I keep posting about it?  Well I really, really, really wanted to post these home made gifts before Christmas but I was afraid one of the recipients might see!  I try out home made gifts every year.  Some times they work out, sometimes they don’t!  This year everything I made came out even better than I expected.  HOORAY!!!

We handed out Ornaments decorated with old Christmas books.  Truth be told… decoupage is not an activity for a 4 and 6 year old.  They didn’t even finish one ornament, so I improvised.  We ended up stuffing the ornaments will strips cut from Christmas books.  Much easier!  I still decoupaged the tags and had the kids write their names.  They turned out very cute!

home made gifts

Last year I made Silhouettes for my parents and my sister has been asking for her own set ever since.  They are so simple to make and the best part is they actually look really hard to make!  WIN – WIN!

I have been loving the Crayon Melts that have been floating around the internet.  I used the same silhouette technique to make the umbrella, Big M and Little M.  Then I followed these directions for melting crayons.  I almost kept this one… isn’t it sooooo cool?!?!?  My mother-in-law loved it, so I guess I will just have to make another one for myself.

I fell in love with this idea a few months ago.  It was hard to photograph, but it really turned out adorable.  I asked my Dad to cut quote boxes out of wood for me.  Then I painted them with chalkboard paint.  We wrote what we love about daddy and I finished it up on the computer.  So simple, and so fun!

Okay, so this one wasn’t a surprise or a gift.  It took me forever to roll all of those magazine pages and by the time I was done I swore it was going in the trash.  As we enjoyed Christmas decorations all through December this GIANT wreath become my favorite piece of Christmas.  While we can’t save it for next year, we are considering spray painting it so that it can decorate our home year long.

Wondering what in the world that is?  Can’t you tell?  It’s the best, most thoughtful, sweetest gift given at our house this year.  My Big M handed me this package.  (He made it all on his own.)  “Mom, it’s a snowman making kit.  Because you like art so much.”  I love that he is creative enough to come up with that on his own, I love that he is kind enough to want to give me something, and I especially love that he knows how much I love doing art… with him!!!

Show off your home made gifts on my Facebook Page.  I would love to see what you were working on!


  1. Oh I love those gifts you all made – I shall be ‘borrowing’ the silhouette ideas for pressies for my sis and family next year if that’s ok?!

    I made quite a few handmade gifts this year, it is such fun, I used to do it a lot when I was younger and getting back in to has made this Christmas the best one in years!

    1. Thank you! Of course you can borrow my idea… how do you think I got it? 😉 I really enjoy making hand made gifts… good for you, getting back into it!

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