10 Fun Things to do at Home in the Summer

School’s out, so summer must be unquestionably fun for you and your family even with the least effort, right? But how do you make that happen? Every parent who has to live with restless kids during vacation knows the pressure of keeping the kids occupied with fun and safe kids activities. If you’re worrying about how to make your kids enjoy their summer vacation, then fret no more. Check out these fun home activities with kids that the whole family can enjoy at home.

10 Fun Things to do at Home in the Summer

Let them help out in the yard. You may have to shoulder the heavy work, but even a toddler can get involved. This is a great way to start raising a green guru. You will be surprised at what he can do for you in tidying up the yard or garden. He can help pull the little weeds or water the plants using a small watering can. Get him a kid-size rake (without the sharp edges!) and ask him to remove patches of grass.

Organize a play date. If your little one hasn’t encountered the kids in the neighborhood yet, this is the perfect time to help him get acquainted with them. Organize a play date and invite the neighborhood kids. Invite the parents as well to make the kids more comfortable. Prepare snacks that the little ones will enjoy. You can ask each kid to bring a toy so they can have the opportunity to share with the others. This is a great opportunity for your kid to make friends even before school starts. Other parents will be glad to include this in their kids’ activities.

Play video games. Playing video games is definitely one of the easiest ways to get kids occupied. Why not grab this chance to bond with your kid and learn his favorite game? You can spend an hour or two getting entertained and learn at the same time. Video games can be a great way to connect when used in moderation.

10 ways to have summer fun at homeBring out his musical talent. If you’re planning to raise a musical prodigy, you have to start honing your kid’s skills as early as possible. Get him started on the piano, guitar, or any other instrument of his choice. You can get him small instruments first and then see if he likes it. He can always switch instruments when he gets disinterested with the one he has. If you’re not sure about your teaching skills, you can arrange for a tutor to come over to your house.

Introduce him to comic books. It’s never too early to teach him the joys of reading comic books. If you’re worried about your kid’s lack of interest in reading, having him flip through a comic book is a great way to encourage him. Also, stimulating their brains with interesting visuals is an effective way in encouraging them to study and do better at school. You can find comic books that are appropriate for all ages.

Rediscover board games. Take out those board games from the attic and show your kid how to play them (or find a new family game). Classics like Monopoly and Snakes & Ladders never get old and it’s an enjoyable way to teach your child how to deal with finance and strategy. Have his favorite snacks ready for him to munch on during playing.

Let them help with the car wash. All you need is sponge and lots of water and your kids will gladly help you clean the car. Hand them the water hose and let them have fun with making the car soap-free. To give him extra motivation, give him a tip – could be a dollar or his favorite candy bar – for a job well done. He will readily volunteer to help with the car wash next time.

Camp in the backyard. A lush garden is the perfect place for a summer camp out with the kids. Set up a tent outside and spend the night there with the kids. Make a bonfire if you can to add to the authentic camping feel, but you can just make do with a rechargeable lamp if it’s not possible to make a fire. Unplug for the evening and spend the night reading stories. While you’re at it, teach your kids the importance of green living and how important it is to appreciate having some quiet time with nature.

10 ways to have summer fun at home

Set up a lemonade stand. Remember how fun it was to sell lemonade outside? This is something your kids can easily do; they will have fun and earn cash at the same time. You can make the lemonade yourself so your kids can sell something that can’t be bought from the store. The neighbors will surely get delighted in seeing cute and young entrepreneurs and buy a cup or two.

Dance in the rain. Just because its summer doesn’t mean there’s no chance for rain to come. Seize this refreshing break from the summer heat by heading outside and frolic in the rain. If your summer showers last a little longer, enjoy some rain experiments.

Summer fun doesn’t always have to be about going out of town or heading to the malls to spend cash. There are a lot fun summer activities that the family can enjoy in the safety of your home. You just need to make the effort to find something to do that the kids can enjoy as well. This is a splendid way to bond with your kids during vacation.

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