5 Ninja Party Activities

Now that the kids are back in the swing of things, we are busy. Homework is filling our weeknights, and neighborhood friends are filling our weekends.

I can already see that being intentional about family time is going to be important. What better way to get everyone together than a themed family night?!? It’s Ninja party time! 

ninja party activities and ideas

5 Family Ninja Party Activities

These ninja party activities encourage togetherness, fun, and creativity. Perfect for a ninja party.

Build a ninja zip-line – Work together to build a zip-line fit for ninjas. If your family likes a little competition, create teams and see who can make the fastest zip line. You can find instructions for a mini LEGO zipline on the 123 Homeschool for Me site.

Make pipe cleaner ninjas – Set up a craft table full of everything you need to make pipe cleaner ninjas. The best part about these pipe cleaner ninjas from Frugal Fun 4 Boys is they will fit perfectly into your mini zip-line!

Make ninja stars – Keep the crafting going with these origami paper ninja stars from Doodle Craft Blog. You can get as creative as you want with them. And once they are made they’ll be perfect for fighting the bad guys.

Fight the balloon bad guys – Stop by your local party store and have 10 balloons filled with helium. Tie something heavy to the bottom of each balloon and draw a some ninja eyes. The balloons will float just about the right height. Scatter them around the house. Take turns letting those ninja stars fly!

Watch a ninja movie – The LEGO NINJAGO movie is a fun one and great for a wide range of kids. The kids might even like dressing up for the show!

If you have Ninja party ideas, share them in the comments!

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