Children’s Book Review – Grocery Books

Shopping With Dad

by Matt Harvey and Miriam Latimer

Shopping with Dad has a great sing song rhythm.  The main character is a very active little girl, who is very excited to be shopping with her Dad!  The story line is a little silly, with fun details weaved in.  (Mom sent a very funny shopping list.)  While the story is about shopping, and the pictures are set in a grocery store. . .the moral is far more than just a day out.  When this busy little girl accidentally causes an enormous ruckus, she quickly addresses the angry crowd with an apology.  I love the way she admits her mistake.

The author did a wonderful job of quietly working in the pride her Dad feels for her bravery.  In the end, the customers work together to fix the mistake.  What a great message!

The Vegetables We Eat

By Gail Gibbons

This non fiction children’s book is full of great information.  Gail Gibbons even worked in the definition of a Botanist.  The pictures are realistic and colorful.  Vegetable names, descriptions and pictures fill the pages.   I was very excited to have found this grocery book right in time for GROCERY week.

After explaining how each vegetable is grouped, the author describes the process from seed to store.  This is a concept that I think is hard for kids to understand when farms are not an every day sight!

At the Supermarket

by Anne Rockwell

By the second page of At the Supermarket, I was grinning from ear to ear.  The main character is a little boy, the story is from his point of view.  I love the entrance to the super market and how excited he is about the door that opens by itself!  (That sounds really familiar!)  There is talk of the food being prepared for meals, what types of containers you will find and which departments a grocery store has.

The story comes to end with the little boy making a birthday cake with the ingredients they purchased at the grocery store!

It was not easy finding books about the grocery store. Do you know of any?

This post is a part of  the GROCERY lesson plan.

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