Big and Little… Beach Pretend Play

I have a secret.  I hate the beach.  It’s true.  There is nothing that sounds nice to me about it.  Sand is the equivalent of glitter, you will still find it a month after you thought it was cleaned up, the sun is HOT and the water is cold.  I might be the only California girl who feels this way, but I don’t care.

I will do my best to get my kids there a few times this summer… no reason they should suffer because I’m such a grouch. 😉  Until then this pretend play ocean is something we can all enjoy!

This is the second theme in the Big and Little Series Ali and I are hosting.  Make sure to check in tomorrow to see Ali’s Little Beach Play, it’s adorable!

BIG Beach Pretend Play

Set up for this pretend play area was really easy, fun and kid friendly. (Once in a while I like to set up the room while they are not present, but for this one M and M joined in.)

We set out two new buckets, sun glasses, towels, and a flower clip.

Blue sheets over couch cushions made the ocean.  Then Little M filled the ocean with a fish, sea turtle and a jelly fish.  Anything she wanted to add that she didn’t already have, she made out of paper.  Lovely creative girls she is. 🙂

Of course you need sun block!

Our Letter S Sun shone bright in the sky.

While Big M did some laying around and digging in the “sand”….

Little M practiced her diving and was almost caught in a whirl pool.  Phew that was a close one!

What type of ocean fun do you have at home?


  1. Can we please come and play? – This is wonderful I love the whirl pool and how simple it is to set up as well. The ocean is something that we’ve been trying recently – you and At home with Ali inspired me and we have done 3 small world pretend plays based on that. I would love to include this in a post on Saturday could you let me know if that is ok?

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