basic SIGHT WORD practice

I love making a game out of repetitive tasks, and it is easy for learning sight words to become flash card work.  So I try to add as much movement, interaction, and fun to our sight word practice as possible.  Sometimes though, repetition is just what is needed!

Big M is working on his blue words now.  (You can see and print all of the rainbow sight words here.)  We went over them today and he still needs help with two of the words.  At my niece’s school they have the kids read two of the words over and over… so we decided to give that a try.

We started by going over the words… flash card style.

I pulled out the two that he didn’t read correctly.

On a sheet of paper I wrote out those two words again and again.

Big M gladly read them over twice… and viola next time we checked he was reading them with no problem.

Tip:  I only use this for the words he is really stuck on because this is just the type of activity that Big M would get tired of really fast.

This post is a part of the Sight Word series.


  1. I teach kindergarten, (last year I taught first grade).

    Because I learned just how valuable the skill of sight word mastery is…I’ve been pushing sight words like they are going way out of style! Thank you for the ideas; I agree: keep the kids learning and keep them moving.

    I often go to the second hand stores and buy up those small photo albums, put sight words on index cards and slide them in. I send the photo albums home and it gives the kids a ‘fun’ way to practice the words as homework.

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