Fun with Senses {Comparing Yogurts using Sight, Taste, Smell and Touch}

I’ve decided to get back to what I love… lesson plans! Are you as excited as I am? That means I will try to have a new “theme” every week. I can promise I won’t be perfect about it, because the truth is some really great stuff I want to share won’t fit into a plan. For the most part though, each will be connected in some way. This week we are going to have fun with senses! A big thanks to Yoplait for sponsoring (and inspiring) this fun idea. Shall we get started?

So here’s the deal… Yoplait has launched a new Greek yogurt. They are so confident that yogurt lovers will gobble it up that they’ve created a Greek Taste-Off with another brand. That’s right, they want you (and me) to buy someone else’s Greek yogurt and try them side by side. I was glad to take the challenge… but you know me… we just had to add a little extra learning in! (Go ahead and check out the The Yoplait Greek Taste-Off… I’ll wait.

Fun with Senses: Yoplait Greek Taste-Off

This kid’s activity ended up being even more fun than I thought it would be. It was really easy to set up and really easy to execute and we laughed the entire time. I LOVE learning and laughing mixed together.

Fun with Senses -

what you need: Yoplait Greek Blueberry, Chobani Greek Blueberry Fruit on the Bottom and a blindfold

yoplait greek taste-off - love the senses activity they used!

We used one container of both Greek yogurts. M and M both played along and that was plenty of Greek yogurt for both of them. If you have more than two kids (or if you are playing too) you might want to get two containers of each.

I placed about a spoonful of each into a bowl and left some in the containers. (Make sure to label the bowls so you know for sure which is which.)

yoplait greek taste-off - love the senses activity they used!

First up was the sight test. I handed the containers to Little M, one at a time, and told her the name of the Greek Yogurt. Then I handed her one of the “mystery” bowls and asked her to find the Yoplait Greek. She placed the bowls next to the containers. Was she right?

set up yoplait greek blended

Yep! She was right.

yoplait greek taste-off - love the senses activity they used!For the smell test we used a blindfold to hide her eyes. I had her smell the Yoplait Greek and then the Chobani. Both times I said the name of the yogurt as she sniffed. Next up was the mystery bowl. I asked which brand she thought it was and guessed. Ah man, wrong answer on this one. (At this point she was begging for a taste test… I made her wait. ;))

yoplait greek taste-off - love the senses activity they used!

First we needed to do a touch test. Again we used a blindfold. I helped her put one finger into each container and then each mystery bowl. (I did let her lick her finger.) Right away she could tell which was which. Amazing.

yoplait greek taste-off - love the senses activity they used!And of course the part you’ve been waiting for. The taste test! She mmmmed after each bite, guessed correctly, peeled off the blindfold and asked for more Yoplait. (There you have it. The 6 year old says Yoplait Greek Yogurt wins!)

Now it’s your turn. Check out the Yoplait Greek Taste Off and have your own fun with senses!

Tips for extending the experience: 1. We talked a lot about the difference between the two Greek Yogurts. Encourage your kids to describe how they taste, feel, smell, look. What words would they use? 2. What other foods could you compare this way? Maybe you and your hubby have competing views on types spaghetti sauce or olives. Let the kids be the judge.


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