Writing Activity for Teacher Appreciation

It’s that time of year again! We get to shower the teachers we love with the appreciation they deserve. Finding the perfect teacher gift can be a bit of a challenge.

I am really excited about the gift we’re making this year. It gives the kids a chance to show off the writing skills they’ve worked so hard on over the past year.

For this activity I’ve teamed up with SONIC Drive-In. Their #ThanksTeach campaign supports, through Limeades for Learning, teachers across the country during Teacher Appreciation Month.
For every retweet, share, or unique content created that incorporates #ThanksTeach in the month of May, SONIC will donate to public school classrooms, up to $1 million. To learn more visit LimeadesforLearning.com.
 love this creative teacher gift idea for teacher appreciation!
I actually planned this activity as a storytelling into writing activity. The kids changed it into something totally different. That’s what I really like about this gift idea. We can provide the tools they need to show their appreciation …just how they want to show it!

Writing Activity for Teacher Appreciation

What you need: Lined paper, white paper, colored pencils, pencils and note cards.

To prepare for this activity: cut two pieces of lined paper in half. Then create 15-20 writing prompt cards. On each card write a school related word.

love this creative teacher gift idea for teacher appreciation!

Here are some school words (to get you started):

  • classroom
  • teacher
  • desk
  • field trip
  • recess
  • math
  • book
  • homework
  • pencil
  • Mrs. (Mr.)
  • quiz
  • friend
  • student
  • learn

To carry out the activity: Invite your kids to write a story for their teacher using the half sheets of paper. Read through the cards together. Talk about different types of writing they’ve learned about this year.

Use only one side of the paper but fill as many pages as you would like!

Tip: If your little one needs a little help getting started, try making up a story using the prompt cards. You can go first. “Once upon a time there was a book that was accidentally left at school.” Give your kid an opportunity to add a bit to the story. You can go back and forth like this until inspiration strikes!

Adding in art:  Once the writing is complete, staple the writing pages to a sheet of white paper. Give the kids a chance to decorate the page for their teacher. That’s it! Easy, cute and fun!

love this creative teacher gift idea for teacher appreciation!

More about SONIC Drive-In’s Limeades for Learning

  • Each year, teachers spend more than $1 billion of their own money on school supplies. From books to technology to maps and music, teachers bring learning to life every day.
  • Since 2009, SONIC has served as an advocate for teachers in local communities through its Limeades for Learning program, a national initiative in partnership with DonorsChoose.org to provide teachers with essential funds to continue inspiring creativity and learning in public school classrooms across the country.
  • SONIC will launch #ThanksTeach images and videos across its Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels for Teacher Appreciation Month For every retweet, share in the month of May, SONIC will donate to public school classrooms. Join the fun!


Check out the latest Hatch Kids video, sharing their #ThanksTeach moments.

What is a fun gift you’ve given for teacher appreciation? Tell us about it in the comments and you will be entered to win a $100 Visa gift card!

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  1. I love to give gifts the teacher can enjoy over the summer. A fun bag for the beach with some magazines and snacks. I even add in a gift card to a book store so they can pick up their favorite summer read. As a teacher, I love a gift card to a local restaurant so I don’t have to cook on the last night of school. We can start summer with some relaxation!

  2. This year, I’ve decided to do a few things. We’re giving banana bread, a Redbox basket (complete w/ Redbox codes, popcorn, soda & candy), donuts (“we donut we’d do without you”), flowers and other homemade goodies.

  3. Teachers love Bath and Body Works! I usually will give a handsoap, a candle, or one of their Wallflowers for a gift, because it’s just a little something to pamper themselves with! Teachers do SO much for kids, and I’ve become so aware of this doing work myself with children in the school system. I love giving a special teacher something equally as special that she (or he!) can enjoy.

  4. I usually get them a pedicure. I think they deserve some relaxing and pampering time. I LOVE the idea of practicing writing skills and showing the teacher how far they have come!

  5. I love giving beach bags, suntan lotion, lip balm and gift cards to jamba juice to get teachers in the mood for summer break

  6. I actually work for the public schools in Lincoln, Nebraska. We have a teacher retiring this year after 45 years of dedication! As a gift to her for both retiring and for Teacher Appreciation Week, I made her a plaque. It’s white with red polka dots (her favorite color), and it reads, “You have taken hands, opened several minds, and touched many hearts. ” She loved it, and was eager to take it home and hang it on her wall!

  7. I think this is wonderful idea.
    I have been working in child care for about 30 years. I only got two gifts for Teacher Appreciation week.
    Thank you for doing this.

  8. I homeschool so I haven’t given teacher gifts. I think a gift card would be a nice idea.

  9. I’d rather give gift cards (so they can get whatever they really want!) but my daughter’s preschool has 5 teachers, so we’re going the home-made route and making small terrariums. Just succulents, moss, and paper cranes inside of glass jars.

  10. I would give a Mason jar with a homemade cookie ingredients that they can make at home, or a nice Starbuck’s gift card to get a drink!

  11. I usually try to do more practical gifts for teachers, like nice pens or a personalized notebook.

  12. I gave my 1st grade teacher an ornament with her picture on it and the phrase ” My Hero Mrs. Dekam”.

  13. This year I am giving post-it note dispensers for my kids teachers! I think that’s a fun gift!

  14. For teacher appreciation, we have given coffee and wine baskets.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  15. We have given her home made gift baskets, and home made baked goods/ candy.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. I’ve given small gift cards to a bookstore along with something homemade or handmade like cookies or a craft.

  17. our classroom collected 5 one dollar bills and have the kids write 5 notes on why they are thankful for their teacher. We collect a total of $100 and 100 notes, bind them into a special “note” book for the teacher.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  18. We usually go the gift card route with a special note from the child or a printable with funny things for the kids to fill out about their teacher.

  19. I have given gift cards to the local teacher supply store and they were appreciated very much.

  20. I like to go the gift card route so the teacher can get something he/she wants and give it with a childmade card and letter.

  21. We have given candles, bath & body lotions, shower gel, hand sanitizers, and given gift cards.

  22. I like to give them a gift card to the local gourmet grocery store. This year I gave them that and a huge cookie from a local bakery.

  23. My daughters teacher is into canning so we got some Vintage Mason Jars and filled them with crafty labels. Her teacher last year was into scrapbooking so e made a basket full of scrapbooking gadgets.

  24. I learned that our teacher is having financial difficulties this year (She is friends with mutual friends of mine). I organized with my sons school mates moms to gather money to purchase her a Walmart gift card so that she may purchase anything that she needs.

  25. We have given our children’s teachers a homemade bouquet of flower made with construction and tissue paper also we have given a coffee themed gift basket.

  26. I gave Thirty One Gifts water bottle holders with a box of mix in teas


  27. A little globe with tag that said “thanks for showing me the world” after a year learning about the continents.

  28. For an end-of-the-school-year gift, I think something non-school related is perfect. One fun pre-summer gift was a tote bag containing iced tea bags, a couple of tall glasses, pretty straws, and molds for ice cubes shaped like penguins.

  29. We used to bring our teachers fresh flowers from our yard. They don’t always need more things but almost everyone enjoys flowers!

  30. My daughter is only 3, but I plan to give gifts to her dance teacher after recital! I’m kinda crafty, and she’s getting married soon so I thought I would make a few things and Lacy (my daughter) could help. I’m sewing a bag holder, and with Lacy I haven’t decided yet. Possibly a bracelet, I have tons of quality jewelry making supplies as well!

  31. We gave our sons Teacher a giant carmel apple with a little chalkboard sayin your the Apple of my Eye from AJ

  32. I always give gift cards and some Bath and Body Works products to female teachers so they can go shopping and come home and pamper themselves a bit.

  33. I love filling a box with lots of cookies and having my kiddos make a card that looks like a chocolate chip cookie, and we write on it “Thanks for helping me to be a smart cookie!”

  34. We had a staff member that was leaving to move with her husband to another state and for several weeks before she left we took covert pictures of her with the children and other staff. Then we had each child (with the help of their parents) write a note to her. We attached the pictures and made a book out of it as a going away gift.

  35. One year I gave a pampering basket to some of the teachers. They included shower gel, body lotion, pedicure products, mug and tea bags and cocoa mix

  36. We don’t have any kids school aged quite yet, so I haven’t actually given any teacher appreciation gifts. Homemade gifts are the best though or gifts that the children have made. I’m sure teacher’s treasure them!

  37. One fun gift I gave one of my teachers was a quilt I had made for her with all her students names on it!

  38. The most fun gift for a teacher was a frame that our daughter decorated herself.
    She added a pic she had taken of the class.
    thank you

  39. Thanks for the giveaway, we homeschool, but when my girls wee in school, I made goodies for them.

  40. I love going with a bottle wine and a custom tag that says i know my kids the reason you drink.

  41. I have the kids make their own thank you cards. Then I try to buy a gift that will be fun and useful for each particular teacher. Gift cards, candy, certificates for fun places……something that they can use.

  42. I create teacher survival bags, which I give in the month of May. They contain chocolate, water, a bag of chips, pencils, Pennsylvania, staples, stickies and dry erase markers.

  43. Every year I make my famous sugar cookies and give flowers in the shape of cupcakes for my kiddos teachers!

  44. As a kid, I gave handmade cards with candy 🙂 As an adult, it’s usually flowers or gift cards. I don’t know how fun any of that is lol but I certainly felt a lot of appreciation 🙂

  45. We find out the teacher’s favorites. Favorite candy, fruit, snacks and then make them a big basket full of their favorites!

  46. For teachers that are just starting out my wife and I always donate books to her classroom. We feel its better than getting them another bottle of lotion or a candle!

  47. I recently gave my son’s Kindergarten teacher a full size a Yankee Candle, and a gift card to Barnes and Noble. I know she will enjoy it!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  48. I normally just stick with gift cards, but there are some fun ideas on this post I’m going to have to try!

  49. It usually turns out that teachers get way too many mugs from students (guilty), so my mom and I instead gave them small brie warmers to soften cheese enough to make a nice cracker dip. We got so many thank you cards from them saying how useful and innovative it is.

  50. I always love giving my kid’s teachers a bottle of wine! Lords know they need it after a long week! lol

  51. We used to give large bakery boxes filled to the brim with sweets of all types to all of my kids teachers. So much fun and family time baking, cooking and decorating. We continued this from grade school all the way through high school graduation. Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. I like to give gift cards to restaurants. Everyone needs to eat. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  53. I gave my kids teachers water bottles filled with their favorite mini board games and candies.

  54. We’ve given a bag full of classrooms supplies. A coffee shop gift card attached to a card that said “Thanks A “Latte”” One year my daughter made her teacher a canvas collage.

  55. My 2nd grade teacher was the most wonderful teacher I had. truckredford(at)gmail(Dot)com

  56. I honestly don’t think I have given a gift to a teacher..but I think I would try to find out what he/she likes and perhaps give gift card to favorite restaurant, clothing store, etc.

  57. I like watching Groupon for deals for things like a spa day or wine tasting, then giving those to teachers.

  58. i gave both my childrens teachers jars filled with 131 kisses candies! this is how many school days they have each year and she has to eat one each day and when there are no more they are done with school for the summer!

  59. What is a fun gift you’ve given for teacher appreciation? The only one I can think of is movie tickets.

  60. Since I volunteer at the botanic gardens I would give a blooming plant or herb.
    Thanks for the contest.

  61. This year we gave our kids teachers a mason jar tumbler with an assortment of teas, In the past we have made snack baskets, gave them gift cards, perfumes and crafts made by the kids

  62. We put together a movie night gift basket. Credit for a movie rental, popcorn and other snacks, soft drinks and a nice scented candle.

  63. #SweepstakesEntry- comment

    when I was much younger, my mom would help me decorate tote bags and fill with small packets of cookies, crackers & other snacks to make a unique gift basket gifts for my teachers

  64. Ive given a teacher a gift card to Starbucks before because all she drink with coffee and she was one of my favorite teachers

  65. For my son’s kindergarten teacher, another mom and I went to the local pottery store and the owner helped them create a plate with a “tree” on it by placing all of their thumb prints (they were the leaves on the tree). Then we inscribed their initials in each print and the kids painted it. Then the owner put it in the kiln. It turned out really sweet. I wish I had a picture to share1
    Here’s my tweet: https://twitter.com/smilingsmyfav1/status/737648808113274880

  66. I have actually never given a gift to a teacher. I don’t have kids of my own and, when I was young, we were too poor to do something like this. :-/ Sorry! Just being honest!

  67. I would say supplies for her classroom that i donated and a gift card

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  68. I made an apple gift basket filled with all different apple stuff like soap and a itunes gift card

  69. The most fun gift you’ve given for teacher appreciation was the time I hand-made a ceramic apple and gave it to her for my teacher’s desk.

  70. The teachers think that it is fun that I give gift cards. I usually get amazon ones for convenience but I notice that they spend them on classroom stuff instead of using them for themselves. I once made a light table for one of my kid’s teachers and notices that it was taken apart and used in multiple different projects (but never as a light table).

  71. my boys arent in school yet but i have a ton pinned on pinterest for teacher appreciation gifts already for when they are.

  72. I’ve given a teacher a project I made in pottery class, it was a coffee mug. That was in 7th grade.

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