SIGHT WORDS… a sight word train

Do you want to know a secret?  (I’m sure you won’t be all that surprised!)  I am really, really excited about homework.  I rip open Big M’s home school packet (his school has 4 days at school and 1 home school day) the second it is handed out.  I’m not kidding, I’m sitting in the parking lot reading it. . . at least I wait until I’m in the car!  I especially love that Big M’s homework is REALLY hands-on learning.

Well, I was even more excited about this weeks homework because we are starting SIGHT WORDS!  (Should I get this excited?)  They are doing Rainbow Words.  Starting with red, the kids will be given 10 sight words.  When they have mastered those the kids simply let the teacher know and they move up to the orange sight words.  How fun, right?

I’ve been planning some fun sight word activities and we got started right away.

I didn’t picture the process of turning the computer printout into flash cards…but I will next time.  (I couldn’t wait for day light!)

I found this little holder at Target in the $1 bin… perfect!

This way Big M can keep his sight words in reach.

Once I had the flash cards prepped I grabbed some tape and a sharpie.  I taped each sight word onto a separate train.

Big M rolled the train around the track and we repeated the words each time.  What an awesome game it turned out to be!  In fact Big M was having so much fun, I was the one who had to end sight word practice.

Tips (to maximize learning): 1.  Start with only 4 trains at a time, then switch out 1 or 2.  2.  Leave on the trains your kid knows.  It will add to the practice, and their confidence level.

Do you have any fun sight word tricks?

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  1. Oh my god, I LOVE this idea! What a great way to incorporate the trains (which never seem absent from my sons hand) into his learning.

    1. Ha Ha! For the longest time trains were in my purse, on every floor, in the car. He’s moved on to Lego’s, but every now and then the trains come out!

  2. I love this! I just started sight words and I need a good way to teach them. Going to try this starting today. Also never heard of the rainbow method, so I will check those out too!

    1. Big M is cracking me up with the sight words. It is supposed to take the whole year to get through the rainbow, but he is determined to master it immediately. Poor thing, this is the one thing that doesn’t just come naturally to him. (He’s so much like my Hubs.) I’m enjoying the lesson in sticking to it!

    1. We do one or two sight word games and then do a drill once a day. I will be posting all of the games through out the next few months. (I’ll link up next week… can’t wait to look through all of the posts linked up!)

  3. Just the kind of idea i needed! My 4 year old is SO into trains and a visual learner to boot! This will be perfect!
    Thanks for sharing your creativity!

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