3 Christmas Sight Words Games

We’ve been playing with sight words quite a bit around here. No big surprise I guess, since we love sight word activities. Of course since it’s Christmas there is no better way to get in some practice than with a few Christmas sight words games!

sight wordsAll three took only minutes to prepare, got a great reaction from Little M and can be reused over and over.

Christmas Tree Memory Sight Words Game

The first game I made was Christmas Tree Memory. All you need is a 10 -15 sight words and green construction paper.

sight words

1. Cut triangles out of green paper to resemble Christmas trees.
2. Cut the triangles in half.
3. Write sight words on the top half and bottom half of the trees.
4. Play memory. (Make sure you and your kid are saying the sight words every time they are flipped up.)

Snowman Building Sight Words Game

This one might be my favorite. It turned out so cute! The materials for this are different colored construction paper and a list of sight words… easy.

sight words

 1. Cut out snowmen pieces. (I just cut free hand.)
2. Write one sight word on each piece.
3. Mix the pieces up on the table.
4. Show your little reader a sight word and have them find it. (If you have been practicing these words for a while, try just saying the word instead of showing it.)
5. Once they have found the word, your kid can add it to the snowman!

Christmas Tree Ornament Game

For this one you’ll need yellow and green construction paper. See, I told you all three were easy!

sight words

 1. Cut out a triangle to represent a tree.
2. Cut circles to represent ornaments. (Mine were a little too big.)
3. Write one sight word on each ornament.
4. Read or show your little one each word, one at a time. They can place that ornament on tree where ever they want.

Tips: 1. If you have a new speller have them write the words out instead of you. 2. To mix it up a little bit, switch spots with your little one and play along!

Do you have a favorite way to incorporate the holidays into your playful learning?

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