SIGHT WORD bean bag toss

With the weather cooling off (FINALLY!) we are spending as much time outside as possible. Little M has a brand new list of sight words so we decided to take them outside for a little sight word bean bag toss. FUN!

 Do you have bean bags on hand? Don’t worry I didn’t either.

I grabbed a piece of felt, some corn (because that’s what I had) and the hot glue gun. After cutting two circles in the felt I glued around the edges leaving a small hole for filling. Once the bag was stuffed with corn I glued it shut. EASY! (I made lip bean bags this way for our Princess Party and they actually lasted quite a long time without breaking.)

sight word

My plan was to read Little M the word and then show it to her. She would then toss the bean bag aiming for the chalk circle with that word. Since they are brand new the goal was that she see them and hear them a few times in a low pressure, fun way. If you’ve been here before you know my plans are usually changed up a bit.

sight word Little M decided to take the words from me, toss the bean bag and then leave the sight word card right next to it’s chalked match. I made sure to repeat the word a few times while she was looking at it.

sight word

 Big M needed a bit more of a challenge. He tossed the bean bag over his shoulder and read the word closest to where it landed.

sight word

My favorite version of their bean bag game was a joint sibling effort. Little M looked at a card, held it up and Big M read it to her. Then he tossed the bean bag trying to hit the match. Once they were finished they traded spots. I was so impressed with how supportive he was and how patient she was with herself. Yeah for sibling love!

Played any new sight word games? I would love to hear about them in the comments.


  1. This is a fun activity. You could easily adapt it to use letters instead, which is what I will be doing with my little guy. I love your super easy directions for no sew bean bags.

  2. You never disappoint with your sight word activities!!!!! Thanks for another inspiring activity! Looks like your littles had a blast together! 🙂

  3. What a clever way to make bean bags! Don’t you love how they come up with their own version of the game. I’m always impressed with what the kids come up with. Pinning this!

  4. That way of making bean bags is so impressive. That will be my fun activity with the kids during the weekend.

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