ALL ABOUT ME…my home scavenger hunt

what you need:  pictures ~ computer ~ printer ~ hunters

I walked around the house and found 9 spots to photograph.  I had no idea how difficult I should make the pictures, so I made a couple really easy and a few pretty hard.  (We had terrible lighting because the day was muggy… but I did my best!)  I used Microsoft Word to place the pictures and then printed out the page.

I slid the Scavenger Hunt page into a page protector…thinking Little M would like to “mark  off” the items she found.  I was planning to use stickers that we could then just peel off so Big M could give it a try with a fresh page.  She took off running before I had a chance to mention the stickers.  Oh well, the page protector kept our Scavenger Hunt wrinkle free!

This one was easy… Little M’s eyes lit up and she said “I know right where this is!”

The game was so much fun, even Daddy and Furry M wanted to have a turn!

Tips (to maximize learning): 1.  Use this activity with all ages.  For young kids make the pictures really obvious.  Help them match the first one or two, then let your little one have a turn.  For older kids take a picture of just a small part of an object.  See if they can match the colors or texture of an item without seeing what surrounds it.  2.  If your little one has their own camera, have them make up a scavenger hunt for you.

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    1. Thank you…I thought it was a pretty good one. The kind of activity I can hardly wait to put into action and then post!

  1. Hi Jillian, hoping over from weteach. VERY cool idea. I LOVE it. For older kids, you could have them write the word(s) over the picture to integrate some literacy skills. Hey, you gotta sneak them in whenever you can, right?!? 🙂 Thank you for ALL of your great ideas. Keep them coming. We’re reading!

  2. We’ve done this – I love the scavenger hunt ideas! Before I would just do my best to draw pictures with checkboxes next to them (like draw a vase and she would have to find one), but this is even better!

    1. Love it! What a great way to use something that would otherwise be thrown away. Once you’ve done it a couple of times you might even be able to let them make their own scavenger hunt!

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