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After we planted our seeds on Sunday, we came inside.  It was windy and really cold so I started a fire and spread the art mat out on the floor.  We got right to work on research journals to accompany our garden.

what you need: Construction paper ~ lined paper ~ staples

I folded a piece of purple construction paper in half and cut on the crease.  With a stack of white construction paper and lined paper, I did the same.  I lined them up and stapled them.  While I was working Big M grabbed his stack and made his right along with me.
I asked the kids to write their names on the front and Big M asked for some glue and the left over seeds.  Great idea!!!
Right now the gardening journals are empty, but we will use them as we observe our seeds.  I will ask questions and suggest they will record their data inside.  I think today we will start with a hypothesis.  “Which seed will sprout first?  Why?”

Tips (to maximize learning):  1. Try to write words along with their pictures, or have your older preschool child write them.  M and M weren’t interested, but I’ll ask again later.  2. Leave the journals out for them and let them put whatever they want inside.  Your little one may surprise you and take the journal in a direction that you hadn’t thought of!

Questions (to ask your kid) : “Can you draw a picture of what you see in the peat pot right now?”  “What words would you use to describe the seeds?  Can I write your response in your journal?”

Any ideas of what other information we can record inside our journals?

This post is part of the Garden Lesson Plan.


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