6 Reading Tips for Parents to Make Reading Easy

Getting M and M to sit down and read independently has been a struggle from the beginning. Both of them love books. Both of them love having books read to them. Both of them “hate” reading on their own. I’ll spare you the details of how badly this book loving Mom reacted to that realization! (Not my finest Mom moments.)

Once I was done grieving the idea that my kids would not be bookworms, I decided it was time to make a plan. If your kids are reluctant readers like mine these reading tips for parents will make reading both easy and fun.

reading IS hard! these reading tips for parents make it easier

Reading Tips for Parents that Make Reading Easy

Reading Time. This year I have found the magic solution. It’s very simple, as most parenting techniques are, and it’s something you can start today. We now have a set reading time. It’s first thing when they wake up. Before anything else, we read. I set the time for 30 minutes and we read. Most of the time we read independently but sometimes together.

I was amazed at how quickly the complaining stopped when they knew it was coming. I was also amazed at how quickly Little M’s reading level improved. 30 minutes a day really does make a difference and setting a specific time makes that easier!

Talk About Reading. Of course, I recommend talking to your kids often and openly. Reading is no exception. Listen to their concerns. Empathize that reading IS hard. It will get easier… but then as the material gets more challenging it will be hard again. That’s okay. That’s normal. That’s what you expect to happen.

Remind Them of How Far They Have Come. While you have the reading conversation going, or as a way to bring it up, talk about just how far they’ve come. “Do you remember how much help you needed to read this book? It’s so easy for you to read now.”

Let Them Help Choose The Material. Help them learn how to choose the right books and let them choose the types or books they read. When our set reading time started, Big M quickly found a series he liked. It’s a bit below his reading level but he LOVES it! He can’t wait to read the next one and even spent his own money to buy a Christmas pack of the series. I’m excited to see him so excited.

Use the Screen. Screens just seem to make everything more fun when it comes to kids. We have been using Epic! reading app for the past few months. I can not believe the difference it’s made. The kids are reading twice as often, they are actually reading outside of our set “reading time” and they are loving every minute. Sign up to read FREE for 30 days!

Sight Word Games. Just because they are reading well doesn’t mean the sight word game fun needs to end! We make sight word games out of the spelling words that Little M needs a little more practice reading. You could also keep a running list of words your reader asks about while reading.

If you’re looking for more on this topic, Homeschooling 4 Him has an in-depth reading guide and a wonderful homeschool reading list.

Have you struggled with the same reading issues? Tell me in the comment section what’s working at your house… or just let me know I’m not alone.

I am a proud affiliate of Epic! reading app.


  1. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You for this! We are in a similar place in our house and I am struggling with getting my oldest to read on her own and not just be read to. I am going to check this out, and hopefully we will all be happier :-).

  2. Great tips! I would add two more: take turns reading pages in a book together, and let them see you reading for pleasure as well.

    I wanted to add a note of encouragement also: One of my children detested reading for the first 10 years of her life and then suddenly just started reading independently….no idea what made the difference but she is 14 and now has 8 different books on the go beside her bed. Sometimes they just need to do things in their own time and in their own way.

  3. Ugh! I am so there with you. I have one that’s just starting/ struggling to read and while I know it will all click one day and he’ll be a great reader it’s such a slow and painful process. I’ve found reading books far above his level (but that he can still comprehend) and fostering a love of stories has been the best way to encourage him to keep trying. He loves books and can’t wait to become a bookworm like his older brother.

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