5 Reading Pinterest boards you’ll want to follow!

Pinterest has changed the way we search the web. (Or the way I do anyway). Poor Google only gets my attention if I can’t find what I need on Pinterest. But sometimes ALL that info can get a bit overwhelming and some really great stuff can get missed.

Today I’ve put together 5 reading Pinterest boards that you’ll want to take a few minutes to browse through, and then follow. This was a really fun list to put together (and took me FORever! hee hee. I kept getting distracted.)

5 awesome reading boards (it's actually 7 - guess she couldn't stop!)

Get them ready to read…

Pre-Reading Activities are a great way to get kids prepped for reading. This board has fantastic pre-reading pins that cover just about every type of kid (using movement, art, outside play and more).

Learn sight words while having FUN…

This Sight Word Games pin board is FULL of sight word games I’ve never seen before (trust me that is harder than you think… I’m kind of a sight word enthusiast).

Make a special reading place…

Reading Corners are so fun to look and dream about. Do you have a reading space in your house? We don’t yet, but I’d love to make one!

Find the perfect book…

There’s a Book About is one of the best pin boards I have come across. The very first pin (at least for today, I hope she adds more soon!) is Books about Shoes. AWESOME! And there are so many more like it. I had such a hard time choosing one of Jodie’s boards. Seriously follow them ALL!

Expand on the books you love with an activity…

I am totally a book activity dork. There is usually a piece of paper accompanying our bookmark. When I have an idea of how to expand on the book I write it down. 🙂 This Book Activities board will give you everything you need to get started matching activities with your favorite books!

and a bonus… because i like you. 🙂

There are 34 busy Moms filling this Reading and Writing Readiness board with Pinterest greatness!

one more… because I forgot about mine!

How could I forget my own Reading Activities board? It’s one of my favorites to pin to (and a great way to follow the reading posts that come up here on A Mom with a Lesson Plan.)

Leave your favorite reading activities in the comments!

What’s your next stop? I’ll tell you…


  1. Always LOVE your ideas, pins, posts, passion for life and for children. Keep the goodness coming!
    Cannot wait to have time to check out all these reading boards. Wayyyyyy too much great information.

  2. Many thanks for the great resources and links you provided here. Have bookmarked this article for future reference.

    Also, should any of your readers be looking for resources for “struggling” or “challenged” readers (with ADHD, dyslexia, autism and other issues that affect reading success), please consider a visit to the “Help for Struggling Readers” blog at http://helpforstrugglingreaders.blogspot.com/. There, you find 100+ articles that include helpful info and many FREE resources for challenged readers of ALL ages.

    Once again, thank you for the excellent post here!

  3. Looooove Pinterest! Thank you for sharing! Reading is always a struggle with my son but we’re trying to turn it into something a little more fun. Great ideas!

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