Pom Pom Sort. . .CHRISTMAS style

If you need a good quite time activity that also has skill building qualities, this is it.  Pom Pom Sort has only a few inexpensive materials, is easy to put together and encourages “alone play” (just in case you need a little Mommy time before the Christmas festivities start).

what you need: cups ~ pom poms ~ tweezers ~ cloths pin ~ tongs ~ bowl

I picked pom poms that matched the cups I had, and left the rest in the bag.  I searched the house for grabbers that would work improving M & M’s small motor skills.  I found some tweezers, a cloths pin, and a set of photography tongs.  You could also use kitchen tongs or anything you have that requires your kids to use their finger muscles.

For some reason our green cup is covered with stickers, so I added a little green construction paper.  If you don’t have colored cups you can use plastic cups, old juice containers, or bowls.  Simply cut a piece of construction paper the size you need tape one side and then roll it around the cup.  Then tape it again.


Once you’ve given your little one a brief introduction, you can sit back and relax. . .or do dishes. . .or laundry. . .or vacuum!

Questions (to ask your kids): “Which grabbers are easiest to use?”  “Can you make a pattern with the pom poms?”  “How many yellow pom poms are in the cup?  How many in the bowl?  How many all together?”

This post is a part of the Christmas lesson plan.

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