Mommy Fun Fact #9 ~ learning to write their name

#9 teach them how to write their name. . .by writing their name.

The first, and most important thing kids will learn how to write is their name.  Here are few tips to add practice into art time.

  • When your little one is about to do art, ask if they want their name on the front or on the back.  (It is their masterpiece after all, they should have the choice).
  • Would they like for you to write it or would they like to try?
  • If they want you to do it, position yourself in a way that allows your little one to see you write.  Talk while you write.  “Madison.  M-A-D-I-S-O-N.  Madison.”
  • If they want to write their name, grab a piece of scratch paper and write it out so they have something to copy.
  • Make name cards for free art.  I bought a pack of name cards at a teacher supply store.  In our art cabinet the kids can find their names and the names of people they are often doing art for.  Mom, Dad and all of their cousins.
  • Be patient.  What they doodle as their name is not important.  Eventually the scribble will resemble letters and one day you’ll be surprised to find they can legibly write their name (without help!)


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